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How Executive Search Firms Source Resumes?

The prime and foremost thing required by any recruitment firm, placement consultancy or Executive Search Firm is the resume of the candidates that they need to give to its clients according to the client’s requirements. But it is very essential for the Executive Search Firm to source the resumes. They follow a proper process of sourcing the resumes. This process is an important recruitment process .

1) Recruiters taking Client’ s Requirements

First thing the recruiter/consultant should do is to take the exact requirement from the client and then only should start sourcing the resume according to the details provided by the employer.

It is seen that many times the consultant without taking the exact details on the profile start searching for resume and often select the wrong profile due to which their will be only setbacks.

2) Sourcing from Job Portals

After taking the details from the client the executive search recruiter start sourcing from different job portals like Naukri, Indeed, Times jobs etc. Now days with the coming of professional portals like Linked In and Glassdoor sourcing of the portals have become more advanced .

As through social media sites the recruiters are able to search the profiles and can scale down the candidate’s professional expertise . Apart from that mobile recruiting has become another major form of sourcing in the larger pool of organizations. But what a recruiter should keep in mind the time of profile update . As recently it has been observed that the profiles that act as a professional Cv for the candidates are 3- 4 years old and as there is no means to check when the profile was updated the recruiter after the short listing process had to face a lot of difficulty.

3) Internal databases are also checked

Apart from the web Url’s job boards the recruiters also search the internal database prepared by the database department. It is the most suitable medium through which the resumes are sourced.


Hence the recruiters follow a certain defined pattern in the executive search firm to source resumes.