globalhunt recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

For us Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a solution that beyond time and geographies offers an opportunity to our clients to manage their human resource operations strategically. With our expertise and experience we understand our client work practices and culture thereby leveraging our scope to support in recruiting and assessing the right kind of candidatures.

We deploy both on-site and off-site recruiters to manage clients’ hiring needs as per their culture and structure and takes the responsibility of handling resume management, screening candidates, interview scheduling and on-boarding facilities among others. Our commitment towards building sustainable & resilient manpower has made us establish long term relations with our clients.

1) Comprehensive RPO

Outsourcing the complete recruitment process that covers engagement, sourcing, screening & assessment, offer management, onboarding & retention. It ensures that strategic guidance across the entire recruitment process from talent consulting, assessments to onboarding supported through ATS.

2) Project RPO

A model that provides all comprehensive RPO services but with a feasibility to address only project based, short-term or immediate hiring. Through this model companies have the opportunity to engage with diverse talent pool across industries, verticals and orientations.

3) Hybrid Model RPO

Here additional recruiters are supported to address a specific component of the recruitment process. Being cost effective the recruitment team can be upsized and downsized as per the need identification in respect to turn-around-time, quality & quantity of resumes and geographical outreach.

4) Contingent RPO

A model that provides recruitment services for a contingent workforce. Here recruitment expertise is offered to only specific grades. A pipeline of talent is built by GlobalHunt thereby ensuring higher volume and better quality of hire.

5) Pay Per Success RPO

Our unique model is where you only pay when the recruiters successfully close down the mandates. Through this RPO model companies can explore more talent on almost zero and low-risk investments. A dedicated team of recruiters will ensure that the best fit is hired within the fastest turn-around time.