globalhunt outplacement

Outplacement Services

We are moving ahead in the direction of providing excellence in the outplacement services to ensure the smooth transition of employees to their new business and work opportunities. Our team of experts assists our clients in placing employees according to the evolving needs of the placement pattern of the industry.

We assist employees in flexible transition along with preferable career opportunities, making this difficult transition more accessible and less stressful for employees and HR leaders. Our approach emphasizes on strategizing and transiting the lay-off employees to new opportunities. We offer career transition services, including skill set assessment, resume building, counselling sessions and other job orientation activities. As a team we follow a process to make outplacement effective and engaging for companies and their employees.

1) Candidate Assessment

We serve the role of understanding the candidates' existing roles and responsibilities to make this career transition process more efficient and effective. We analyze and evaluate employees' existing skill sets and expertise to look after their capabilities and find suitable jobs.

2) Candidate Upskilling

GlobalHunt assist in re-building & upskilling resumes of candidates to highlight their skills, experience, expertise and knowledge to make initial screening more productive. We tend to counter candidates’ anxieties and fears to offer a smooth transition period with the help of counselling, capacity building and job orientation sessions. We make a credential base for the candidates with consistent training sessions, market intelligence and candidate profiling.

3) Candidate Branding

We help candidates in building social media and job portal profiles that are reachable on a higher rate and matches with recruiters search parameters such as keywords, experience, industry, skills and salary among others. Thereby creating effective candidate branding for job placements.

4) Candidate Employment Opportunities

GlobalHunt have a strong network of connections and relations which play a crucial role in providing employment opportunities to the candidates. Our outplacement services offer the best opportunities to candidates critical for a smooth transition.