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PTI February 19, 2017

"The usage of Gamification is increasing gradually. We think in the next two years, at least one-third of the private employers will use this.

The technique uses the inherent competitive spirit of a candidate and makes one compete against the other. Thus, the employer is able to choose the best candidate in an objective and transparent manner," Mishra said.

This process not only engages the candidates better than the traditional recruitment process but happens faster and the results are often declared by the system as soon as the stage is complete, he said.

GlobalHunt Managing Director Sunil Goel said that Gamification is a technology-enabled platform and it not only builds team spirit but creates competitive environment in the organisation very soon.

He said, Gamification is the new buzzword in the industry and several companies are now moving towards use of Gamification for engagement, training, employee performance and recruitment.

"Going forward, use of Gamification is set to increase and with use of behavioural science in these games will further increase probability of effectiveness on business results.

Hence, its use will be extended to other aspects of HR, such as on boarding and integration, employee engagement, among others," he added. PTI SM NRB JM BAL