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5 reasons why you should work with a startup at least once in your career!

While there is an apparent fear of working in a startup, courtesy the news about layoffs in startups pouring in  continuously, there are several compelling reasons why you should consider working for a good startup

Sep 12, 2016, 01.18 PM IST

Although the Indian start-up scene is not looking too bright right now, this space has not lost its sheen when it comes to luring the millennials. The recent downsizing done by some of the prominent players like Snapdeal and Flipkart has caused jitters, but these seem temporary.

Experts opine that the Indian economy is growing and its becoming an adequate part of the global economy. Indian government's initiatives for start ups like Startup India are helping create more entrepreneurs. Such initiatives are actually boosting the market both from economy and job prospective. Though the layoffs are happening, they believe that the growth for the startups is not going to stop as startups have now become prominent players in the market.

Besides, investors are also consistently keen on startup innovation and the environment, making this an attractive segment for job seekers.  Working in startups could be a learning experience and one of its kind in a lifetime. There are a host of advantages that one gets while working in a startup set up. Sunil Goel, Managing Director at GlobalHunt highlights five reasons why one should work in a startup atleast once in his career -

Startups allow you to experiment, learn and give dynamic work environment. One is expected to handle diverse responsibilities and acquire transferable skills. These attributes are expected in almost all startups and across all roles.

The compensation and benefits are much better than conventional businesses. This is because startups want to move fast and create difference in the market segment. All the monetary benefits come with work flexibility.

Startups are way too ahead of the autonomous setups. There is no tall hierarchy to restrict your innovation and suppress your ability.

Startups provide ample opportunities to create a difference at a young age, eventually giving way to young CEOs , directors and vice presidents.

Most of the startups touch base on new-age business models. They attempt to resolve real life problems, making the acceptance for their product and services much higher. There are also a lot of opportunities available when it comes to tweaking the product and services.