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Make video resume, land a hot job and big


Vinayashree Jagadeesh, TNN | Oct 16, 2015, 02.55AM IST

CHENNAI: Most tritely formatted CVs tend to bore recruiters into a state of comatose dullness that guarantees they elicit no response. What better way, then, to save a busy executive's time and give him a sneak peek into your personality than a video resume? 

Most HR professionals believe a video resume is a nifty way to stand out in a crowd, something that tech-savvy job applicants have been using for a while in various countries but is a fairly new concept in India. But many people are either not digitally prepped or are camera shy. 

VresApp, a mobile application by Chennai firm VresApp Inc, helps such applicants create a portfolio of themselves and put their certificates, proof of education and work experience online with a two minute video in which they introduce and market themselves. 

Once a candidate creates a profile, he can generate a link that he can email or share with anyone across the globe. 

VresApp Inc founder and CEO Kannan Sankaran says his company - which says it uses "futuristic techniques to address problems"  launched the app a few months ago. Many candidates were initially reluctant to film a video presentation because they were unsure of how to go about the process. 

One of the main reasons for this, he says, is that graduates and even experienced professionals lack exposure to the media involved and are unsure how to present themselves in front of a camera. "This app guides candidates through the video-making process," he says. 

He believes video resumes can benefit both job-seekers and companies that are looking to recruit as it eliminates, or reduces the time taken, during pre-interview rounds. Sankaran says video resumes can pare around 50% of the initial selection rounds. 

HR professionals say it could be a powerful tool in the future and that video resumes could help gauge skills for jobs that require communication intensive roles. 

GlobalHunt director Sunil Goel says such resumes can highlight a candidate's presentation and communication skills not to mention the individual's confidence. 

"It's mainly e-commerce and social media organizations that use video resumes," he says. "This trend is gaining momentum in the US and Europe. It is definitely a good tool." 

Ma Foi Management Consultants founder K Pandiarajan says that adding even a short video to a profile can add a lot of value to a resume. 

"Earlier firms would ask candidates for a write-up about themselves or an essay on a particular topic," Pandiarajan says. "Video resumes will make it much easier to sift through candidates. It could be very helpful during mass recruitments." 

VresApp Inc is holding a campaign through October to collaborate with colleges where candidates can create their profiles for free. So far 25 universities and colleges in Tamil Nadu have registered for the campaign. 

Avinash Kumar, a third-year BTech student of Bharath University, who registered on the app, says it was easy to use. "It's definitely a good option for students seeking employment," he says. "Companies can quickly tell how good a fit an applicant will be for the job on offer."