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Six highest paying jobs of 2015

Jan 21, 2015, 01.01PM IST

By Neha Singh Verma, TimesJobs.com Bureau 

Amid speculations and guess work, TimesJobs.com asked industry experts about the highest paying jobs of 2015...

Experts are eyeing 2015 to be a good year for hiring. In 2015, India's employers expect the optimism of a stableModi Government to have an encouraging impact on the job market. Employers are back in the hiring mode and the evidence of their renewed optimism across all industry sectors can be seen. Amid speculations and guess work, TimesJobs.com asked industry experts about the highest paying jobs of 2015.


Chartered Accountants (CAs) - Companies are dependent on CAs and CFAs to keep their books handy for audit and annual financial planning. For which they are willing to pay what the professionals demand. They work in different areas such as financial accounting, tax management, auditing, cost accounting, banking and consultancy.

Research and Advanced Analytics - As e-commerce players are building their analytics capabilities and in a bid to get the right analytics talent, they are offering lucrative salaries to research analysts across levels.

IT Professionals - Software and systems engineer (read software developers, applications and systems software) have always been in high demand and thus paid well. These jobs are said to be recession-proof and paid much higher than other tech professionals. For freshers, the salary might be average but eventually, with seniority one gets high payouts.

Chief Digital Officers or Digital Marketers - As the world is realising the potential of the digital age, most companies are looking at creating a niche role of a Chief Digital Officer. The role is core to customer engagement thereby, directly impacting revenues, and they are taking home a heavy pay cheque as well.

Para-medical Individuals- Emergency medical care has become a critical function in the Healthcare Industry. Paramedics are professionals who work in emergency medical situations. Owing to high demand and the critical nature of their work in metros as well as Tier I & II cities, paramedic professionals are paid well.

Big Data: By 2015, more than 15 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Generating a new wave of big data in industries such as Manufacturing Automation, Energy and Transportation will demand skilled big data professionals. Being hard to find, talent companies will pay premium salaries to get skilled professionals in this domain.

(With inputs from Sandeep Kohli, national director-HR, EY; Amit Vaderasenior general manager, TeamLease Services; and AG Rao- group managing director, ManpowerGroup India)