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Is the new job legit?

Ankita Shreeram,Mumbai Mirror | Jul 16, 2014, 01.33 PM IST 

Here's how you can verify the credibility of a company abroad

Working abroad may seem like a rosy idea but it comes with its challenges. It is much more difficult to assess the reputation and credentials of a company based in another country. Traditional sources of recommendation such as friends, family and co-workers are rendered futile. But there are certainly other ways to conduct a background check on the organisation you plan to join.

Don’t ignore it
It is advisable not to jump into a new job without knowing what place the company occupies in the industry.
"Before opting for a job abroad, it is extremely essential to assess the company. If this task is left unmanaged, then it could invite plenty of problems," affirms Sunil Goel, director, GlobalHunt. He offers a few ways of verifying an organisation's credibility, "One can verify the credibility of an organisation by logging onto the company's official website as this will give some kind of evidence whether it is a genuine firm or not.

It is advisable to connect with those people who work in that organisation through social networking sites. One could also find out more by taking a feedback from one's close friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Regularly check local newspapers to learn if there were any advertisements or reports about a particular firm in the recent past. Doing so will provide a fair idea about where the firm is positioned."

Individual fit
Conducting a background check will also help you ascertain whether the organisation is the right fit for you or not. "There are a lot of companies out there for you to choose from, but not every company will be right for you. One needs to spend a fair amount of time doing research on various credibility aspects before opting any career opportunity with a company abroad. This shall enable you to make a wise decision without compromising on your aspirations," advises Nikul Shah, president global HR and corporate services (Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd.). He enlists the following ways to ensure that you don't make a mistake: To start with, visit company website and ensure they have a legitimate phone number and address (be wary if they only list a P.O. Box); Call to check their live assistance and ask questions.

Look out for their financial credentials and see if they are registered with the state bodies or not and have all the legitimate registrations along with any ISO or other quality certifications; As a quick tool, DUNS (Data Universal Num bering System) number can help you to assess the overall information of a company includ ing credibility; Competition is out everywhere and bad word of mouth travels fast. Employee / cus tomer forums can be very helpful to see what other people have to say about the company.

New Avenues
New media like social networking sites have made it easier to confirm the authenticity of a company abroad. To verify the credibility of a company based outside India we can get details and information from the Credit Rating Agencies based in a particular country. Through so cial networking, one can easily get in touch with an employee of that company to clear any doubts. The company's bankers and the balance sheet/profit and loss statement can be the best way to judge the stability of the company.

Information is empowerment and there is a greater chance of making correct decisions if you are pre-armed with background information on organisations of interest abroad.