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Budget 2014: Government emphasis on job creation to create 5-8 million jobs in 3-4 years 

PTI Jul 10, 2014, 04.07PM IST 

NEW DELHI: With the government putting strong emphasis on job creation, experts today said measures proposed in the union budget can help create 5-8 million jobs in next 3-4 years across various sectors.

"India today needs a boost for job creation. Our manufacturing sector in particular needs a push for job creation," Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today said. 

Human resource experts welcomed the budget and believe the sectors that are likely to see an immediate job creation are infrastructure, transport, power, consumer goods, e-commerce, startups and tourism. 

"The early indications looks like this budget is pro- reforms and growth focused with a clear long-term strategy for getting back the growth momentum. I expect the budget to have a positive impact on the job market," leading job portal Executive VP and National Head Sales, V Suresh said.

Jaitley further said growth in infrastructure and construction sectors is necessary to revive the economy and generate jobs for millions of our young boys and girls.

Manufacturing sector is of paramount importance for the growth of our economy and this sector has multiplier effect on creation of jobs and announced various incentives to facilitate investments in the sector, Jaitley added.

"We believe the budget has addressed a lot of areas that ushers well for the job market. We expect that the new budget will help in the creation of 5-8 million jobs across sectors," Kelly Services India & Malaysia MD Kamal Karanth said.

"In budget there has been a boost to the social sector, raised FDI in defense, up gradation of railway system and Infrastructure and this will create large pool of the job opportunity across varios sectors as most of these sectors will have interconnected co-relation with other industries," leading search organization GlobalHunt MD Sunil Goel said. 

Goel further said these limited reforms should create more than 5 lakh job across the country in next 1-2 years.

"Infrastructure, power, transport and consumer goods will see an immediate hike in hiring needs. There is increased confidence in these sectors and the sops offered to companies will prop most hiring managers to swoop in on talent quickly," Antal International Network MD Joseph Devasia said.

However, creating jobs is only one part of the equation as workers must also have the skills to perform them and with over 12 million youth joining the workforce each year, bridging the skill gap is a critical issue facing the nation.

The government today announced the launch of a national multi-skill programme - 'Skill India', that will skill the youth with an emphasis on employability and entrepreneurship.