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 8 Best Paid Career Options for Women

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Career options which offer work-life balance, status and glamour are the best for women 

Neha Singh Verma, Bureau

Women professionals, undoubtedly, have proved their mettle across sectors. Be it a hardcore technical role or a challenging corporate profile, they are leaving their marks on every sector. Experts believe, career options which offer flexibility (work-life balance), status and glamour are certainly the best bet for women.

Expert shares 8 best paid career options for women: 

Media, PR and Communication: Women typically come with a creative bent and prefer such roles. The Indian Media industry is one of the fastest growing industries; it has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years. Media sector has a glamour quotient which is an exciting factor, it is considered to be a lucrative career option and is coming up as one of the most desired options for women professionals due to the learning, challenges and exposure that it offers. There is a lot of flexibility in working hours, interactions, networking and cross industry exposure.

Salary range – For someone starting at a fresher-level Rs 2- 6 Lakhs; VP level can go upto Rs.  40-50 Lakhs per annum 

Airlines: We see lot of women pursuing a career as a commercial pilot and growing up the ladder. For pilots, the jobs require intense training and other than flying also require attending to other work such as preparatory duties, plotting the flight pattern, operating radio equipment, coordinating flight activities with ground crew, in-flight tests, logging information, generating reports, etc. The job also involves a lot of travelling and visiting new places.

Salary range: Salary could vary from Rs 18-70 Lakhs per annum for pilots 

Human Resources: The responsibilities of HR department generally include dealing with employees at all levels, addressing issues and ensuring that a conducive work environment is maintained. Women are considered to have better interactive skills, empathy, and decision making skills. This is undoubtedly one of the best paying jobs for women, who typically come with good people management skills.

Salary range – Salary could vary from Rs 5-12 Lakhs and at senior-level can go up to Rs 70-80 Lakhs per annum 

Banking & Insurance: Relationship managers, bank managers are some of the job profiles that are apt for women employees. The job profile requires managers to interact with internal and external clients along with international clients, senior management, and business partners. Also, a relationship manager will have to prepare analytical records for the company and give presentations on the same. The job also requires good communication skills and knowledge of finance. Women typically take up these roles as it helps them being social and interact with others.

Salary range - Salary starts from Rs 3.5 Lakhs; at senior-level can go up to Rs. 24 Lakhs per annum 

Psychologists: Psychologists study cognitive, emotional, and social processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people relate to one another and their environments. This job is tailor-made for women since they are observant, patient and generally show more empathy. A woman psychologist can also practice independently. Private practice would provide her with the flexibility and independence. The earning potential of a psychologist is quite high.

Salary range – Salary starts from Rs 3 Lakhs; at senior level can go up to Rs. 28 Lakhs per annum 

Event Management & Hospitality: Event management is a good career option for women; it calls for managing a wide range of events – from ceremonies, to conventions, to festivals, corporate events, seminars, etc. This industry generally looks for people having the ability to organise well and who have an eye for the smallest of details. Hence, women are most preferred and they find good growth options in this sector due to their better managerial skills.

Salary range: Mid-level Rs 8-10 Lakhs; senior-level can go up to Rs 50-60 Lakhs per annum 

Educationist: Education administration, teaching, professor are indeed the best bet for any woman. These career options offer good pay package along with flexibility. Nowadays, both in government and private sector the remuneration is decent and there is a lot of growth in terms of moving from core teaching to the administrator role.

Salary range: Salary could vary from Rs 30-60 Lakhs per annum 

Health Services, R&D: Career options like pharmacist, physiologist, fitness, are amongst all time hot options for women. It offers flexibility and handsome pay package.

Salary range – At senior-level Rs. 20-30 Lakhs per annum 

(With inputs from Sunil Goel, managing director, Global Hunt; Priyanka Ahluwalia, head, Service Operations, Kelly Services India)