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‘Better Infrastructure, Salary Making Hyderabad An Attractive Job Location’

TimesJobs Jan 3, 2014  Apeksha Kaushik

Hyderabad witnessed an average annual growth rate of 8 per cent between January and December 2013 and reported over 30 per cent increase in hiring during July and October ‘13

Hyderabad emerged as the best performing location during 2013. It surpassed the metros and other key job hubs to claim the top slot during the year. The locality witnessed an average annual growth of 8 per cent during the Jan-Dec 2013 period. Though, the city started on a slow note, it picked up pace from March onwards. The city reported over 30 per cent increase in hiring activity during the months of July and October 2013. Experts accredit this rise in demand for talent in Hyderabad to the flourishing IT sector of the city.

Sunil Goel, managing director, GlobalHunt mentioned four key factors which boosted hiring activity in Hyderabad during 2013

Game of IT and others: Hyderabad has come up as one of the favourite locations for IT companies, financial services organisation and captive centers of large global organisation, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft development centers

Power of infrastructure: The concept of hi-tech city which came in 15 years back is reaping the fruit for the city now. There is a huge infrastructure availability and resource pool making the companies attracted to open their centers in Hyderabad

Attraction to retention: Most of the people from Hyderabad do not relocate to outside cities, but companies attract a lot of people from outside to relocate to Hyderabad which gives rich availability of people as well as retention of employees.

Compensation benefit: Information Technology, Analytics and Financial Services, Pharma and Healthcare, Infrastructure and Chemical industry has a mass presence in the city and most of these are high revenue generating segments. Hence, the compensation offered by these sectors is also a major pull for talent

Growth to continue in 2014

The Year 2014 is expected to sustain the positive momentum achieved in 2013. According to Goel, “2014 is going to be a decent year as it will be directly impacted by the US market which is improving and generating the local demand. This will directly or indirectly going to generate lot of job opportunities in captive centers for services companies.”