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Retail professionals in Hyderabad are more progressive than their peers in other metros

According to JobBuzz.com data, retail professionals in Hyderabad are more ambitious and progressive that their peers in other metros. Especially, when it comes to learning and development, nearly 50% retail professionals in Hyderabad rated it the most important aspect of their employer experience. Retail professionals, in other metros, do not focus so much on learning and development opportunities offered by their employers. Reward and recognitions was the second highest rated parameter that retail professionals in Hyderabad focused upon. The highest again, when compared to their peers in other metros. Only 7% retail professionals in Kolkata, gave importance to reward and recognitions, offered by their employers.

Sunil Goel, managing director, GlobalHunt that Hyderabad is considered a hi-tech, modern city, which houses a large pool of technology and knowledge process center’s of global companies. Companies like Facebook and Google for example are based here. Most of these companies pay relatively higher compensation, as most of offered positions are knowledge process based.

He averred that the compensation offered to retail professionals in Hyderabad is comparatively lower, specifically at mid and junior level positions. When retail professionals compare themselves with these IT and knowledge process professionals, they find that their offered salary is lower than them and are therefore more inclined towards learning and development and reward and recognitions.

“Also, as organised retail has not been so prevalent in the city, retail organisations find it difficult to source people, compared to other locations at the same cost,” he added. This provides an upper edge to the existing retail professionals in the city. Due to a dearth in supply, they can afford to be slightly more demanding than their peers in other cities.