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How does one access those elusive ‘dream’ jobs that are not advertised? TimesJobs.com gets some expert advice Rahul Raj, TimesJobs.com Bureau

Being a job seeker myself once, I used to wonder, if only I had access to ‘hidden jobs’. What are these ‘hidden jobs’? These elusive job openings are not posted online or offline and are not accessible to job seekers who don’t put in that extra effort. The major advantage of uncovering such ‘hidden jobs’ is the fact that the competition involved is much less as compared to other publicised job openings. This puts you in a better position and you have a better shot at nailing that opportunity. However, unearthing these “gold mines” is not an easy task. This requires intensive preparation, keen sense of observation, a proactive attitude and lot of patience. If you’re game for it; here are a few tips that would definitely come in handy.

Aditya Narayan Mishra, President and Staffing, Randstad India, believes that there is no substitute for meeting people and networking with them. He advises that candidates should identify their areas of interest and build their profiles, both online and offline. “They should proactively network with key influencers from the fraternity, consultants from recruitment agencies, to position themselves as subject matter experts in their field. When there is a requirement, teams check with their network and search online for relevant candidates.  This will increase their chances of gaining access to opportunities.”

Sunil Goel, MD, GlobalHunt, shares a few tips for jobseekers to assist their search of ‘hidden jobs’:

· It is important to identify the prospective target organisation at large and keep a track of their hiring initiatives.

· Social networking with those organisations can help and also keeping in touch with recruitment agencies those are empanelled to take care of the recruitment for those organisations.

· Keeping a track on the new projects undertaken by these companies and probable roles can come up in those organisations as a result of these projects.

· Beyond HR, connecting through social media to other functional people in the industry can be a good strategy.

· Also, keeping a track of the people leaving your prospective target companies can give you a fair idea about the opportunities that might open up in those organisations.

So, apart from the conventional methods of job seeking, following these tips might just help you hit the jackpot.