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There are smart ways by means of which one can avoid his holiday hangover By Rahul Raj, Timesjobs.com Bureau

It’s 7 in the morning. The alarm rings blaringly, jolting you awake from that deep slumber, and suddenly a grave realisation takes over you. It’s time to get back to work after a long and much-needed vacation.

The stress of getting back to work after holidays can be really nerve wracking. The pressure of the long list of pending assignments piled up during your time-off can instantly shatter your holiday spirit. As horrifying as it may sound, it’s actually not that bad, provided it is dealt with the right mindset. Here are a few tips to fight this holiday hangover:

1. Accept the change: A day before your holidays end convince yourself and align your mindset. Reminding yourself of your priorities would help you get into that serious mode, thereby assisting you to commit to your work once you get back.

2. End your holiday mode soon: According to Sunil Goel, director, GlobalHunt, it’s always advisable to wrap up your holiday mode by the first half of the day prior to your joining back. He advises that the second half of the day should be devoted to your preparation for the next day. This would help you set your work in order. He also believes that if you are travelling, make sure you reach back home with a spare day in hand for relaxing.

3. Reset your routine: You need to reset your daily routine before you join back. More importantly, you need to re-adjust your sleep pattern. Getting up early for work after a holiday can be a big head-ache. Start practicing before the D-day.

4. Plan your next get-away: Although it doesn’t sound appropriate but it does help you. Planning something fun in the recent future acts as an incentive and you would have something to look forward to. This would considerably help in heightening your hangover afflicted spirits.

5. Check your e-mails beforehand: Going through your inbox before your join back gives you an idea of the pending work and general work scenario while you were gone. This would really help you prioritise and organise your work. Goel believes the second half of the day prior to your joining should be dedicated to checking mails and making a list of pending work.

6. Clean up your workspace: Getting back to a cluttered workspace can be really annoying and demotivating. Cleaning up your workspace and spicing it up with a few new accessories can work wonders.

7. First day should be for work and not for discussing excitement: According to Goel, one should devote the first day of joining back for clearing up the pending workload. Discussing the adventures of your vacation should be postponed for some other day.

8. Re-connect with your office gang:
If there is something that you might have missed during your holidays, it has to be your office gang. The thought of hanging out with your office mates at the cafeteria or the nearby chai wallah would certainly beckon you back to your office.

9. Complete smaller tasks: Completing your smaller and easier tasks before would help you gain footing for lunging towards the bigger tasks in hand.

Employers also do their bit to get their employees off the holiday mode and ready to get back in action.

Sundararajan Narayanan, vice president and global HR head, Virtusa, highlighted the following steps undertaken by Virtusa to help employees tackle holiday hangover.

1. Providing the same social environment: Millennial employees want a similar environment that they have been experiencing during the weekend, they do not want an abrupt change. One of the key things which Virtusa has driven is creating a similar online, social media experience that employees get during the weekend. Internal social platforms like- Yammer, V+ and MS Lync helps in giving employee the same feeling of being connected.

2.  Thank God It’s Monday (TGIM): Setting the agenda early Monday morning- A quick team meeting to kick start the day. A quick update on the weekly goals keeps up the momentum without any disruptions.

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