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“Women media professionals give thumbs up to learning and development opportunities “





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Employees, irrespective of their functional levels/area, gender, location and years of experience, focus a lot on the learning and development opportunities offered by their organisations. They understand the importance of learning and development and it’s implication on their career growth path. According to Jobbuzz data, in the media sector, female candidates are extremely happy with the sector’s learning and development opportunities. Of the entire female candidate base in the media sector, 36% rated learning and development to be the best feature of the media sector. This is the highest percentage of women professionals in media sector that rated a particular parameter very high.

Male candidates, on the other hand, are not as happy with the learning and development opportunities offered in the media sector, as compared to their female counterparts. 28% of the entire male candidate base, in the media sector, rated learning and development as the best feature of media sector.

According to Shreya Sharma, Associate Director at ad2c, a business unit of Affle Group, “The media industry, specifically digital and mobile is a fairly young industry providing greater scope of initiatives and self-development than the others. Also, as a gender trait, women are good at relationship building, team work and multitasking.”

She highlighted the fact that the media sector offers various leadership skills / courses, training in specific sectors such as social media, search, content marketing, blogs and SEO to its women professionals.

“Indian media industry is one of the fastest growing industries; it has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years. Apart from the glamour quotient and flexibility in working hours, media sector appeals a lot to women professionals due to the learning, challenges and exposure that it offers. It offers a lot of interactions, networking and across industry exposure,” stated Sunil Goel, managing director, GlobalHunt

Apart from the professional training and development programmes and workshops that the media industry offers, a number of media professionals gain a lot from on-the-job exposure the sector offers. Brindaa Lakshmi, features editor,, stated that even though she hasn’t attended any training or development programmes, she has gained and evolved as a professional purely on the basis of the sector’s on-the-job exposure.

Henry Ford once famously said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” This applies to one’s personal as well as professional life too. The Media sector, especially, witnesses constantly evolving trends, technologies and is largely dependent on the ever-changing and volatile mindsets of audiences. Therefore, media professionals have to constantly upgrade themselves and should never miss even a single learning and development opportunity. “Media being a dynamic sector, makes it imperative for its professionals to evolve every day, keeping up with emerging technologies and latest trends is a necessity,” opines Sharma.