Jobs abound, but 'perfect job' is out of reach DNA...
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Jobs abound, but ‘perfect job’ is out of reach. 

Monday, Jun 24, 2013, 13:27 IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

You may have to be content with low pay, temporary job, or a profile not of your interest.

Hiring is up, screamed surveys recently. But before you jump with joy, dreaming of that perfect job with a decent salary and work profile, get ready for some compromises. Your dream job may still be far away. What you may get could be one with low pay, or poor work profile, or even a temporary job. It may simply be a ‘job’, with no scope for career growth.

Recruitment is still not upbeat as many companies have adopted a moderate approach,” says Sunil Goel, director of search firm GlobalHunt India.

MBA graduate Pranathi Rao, who has been job hunting for one year, had to finally settle for a role in the administration department of a newly opened school in North Bangalore.

She had quit her previous job with a hospitality firm on health grounds. The new job pays a decent Rs19,000 a month. “But the work profile is daunting,” says Rao, adding the nature of the work is extremely monotonous, with no scope for creativity.

“In hospitality, I would interact with a variety of people on a daily basis. Here, it’s sitting inside the cubicle the whole day, staring at the desktop, and performing routine tasks,” she says.

She had anticipated a profile where she could work closely with children, if not a direct teaching job. “I may quit if the monotony gets unbearable.”

BPO professional Santosh M, on the other hand, had to settle for a pay “much lower than the previous job.”

Santosh quit his earlier job in January owing to “serious problems with the boss.”

The knee-jerk resignation meant being jobless for four months. Then one company agreed to hire him, albeit at a monthly pay of Rs25,000; which is a good Rs5,000 lower than his earlier job.

“Dealing with the earlier boss meant getting high BP. I am fine to work for a slightly lower pay, as long as the boss is more accommodating,” says Santosh.

Though he is enjoying, lower salary implies getting a bit depressed, “as comparisons with earlier pay are bound to arise in my mind.”

While for software engineer Mythili De, her new job implies “temporary status”, since she is on the pay-roll of a staffing firm in Koramangala, and not the financial services firm she works for in Whitefield.

“Once my project with this finance firm is over, I will get deployed elsewhere,” says De.

In this job rigmarole, headhunters advise job seekers to accept whichever job that comes their way, rather than waiting it out endlessly.

“Try to be positive and get whatever experience you can. It is definitely better than just sitting at home,” says Goel.