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 Jun 17, 2013, 04.59AM IST

 Wondering which part of the world your science degree will take you to? data shows that Dubai, UK, San Francisco , Los Angeles and Sharjah are the top five locations where MSc graduates are most sought-after . As per Sunil Goel, MD, GlobalHunt, "Career opportunities after MSc vary based on the stream that person has chosen, largely it includes computer science, statistics, chemistry , education, etc."

 According to a spokesperson of SAP, internal transfer of employees is promoted in the organisation. They have an initiative called the Scholar @SAP, in which BSc, BCA and BE graduates employed in SAP can pursue their MS software engineering from BITS Pilani and on successful completion, they can work for SAP in any of their global offices.

 Arati Bam, head of marketing, the Attachmate Group, Novell, highlighted the fact that, "they also promote internal movement of employees across various functional areas and locations . Software developers, who are basically engineering graduates with MS in technical domains as well as MCAs and MBAs, have been seen moving to locations in the Middle East, especially Dubai and Doha, for business positions like pre-sales ." She believes the reason for the same is that Middle East is a hub for business positions and is well-connected to India.

 Goel adds, "The US and UK markets attract a lot of MSc candidates for technology analytics and knowledge process outsourcing jobs."

 According to Bam, "Other roles that are offered abroad to candidates with Master's in Science in technical domains and IT are alliances and product management , especially in mobile technology using Open Source technology and Linux. She added that there is a lot of opportunity in Vienna for candidates opting for these roles. 

Talking about the compensation offered to MSc candidates abroad, Goel stated, "Compensation levels vary from country to country and job to job. The compensation provided for jobs in Middle East can start from 20,000 USD and can go up to 50,000 USD. At the same time, the compensation for the UK and US jobs can start at 40,000/50000 USD and go up to 100,000 USD." 

Ravi Panchanadan, CEO, Manipal Education in the Middle East and Africa region , stated that since the economy in UAE has been revived and activities have picked up, the demand for postgraduates across domains has gone up. Bam also believes that unlike older times, there are adequate opportunities in India and the decision of pursuing a career abroad purely depends on the career aspiration of the candidate.