globalhunt market intelligence

Market Intelligence

The ever-increasing integration of the world as one has created a global space for businesses to operate. Every business is exploring solutions to grow in a sustainable manner and for this, it is necessary for them to gather all the relevant information pertaining to industry trends, cross-competition culture & systems, job practices, company’s business positioning & reputation, employee performance & improvisation and government regulations among others.

GlobalHunt as a partner to right people decisions provides real time integrated market intelligence to clients that assist them in their business. With a decade long experience GlobalHunt combines its technology, experience and market skill to deliver information that is relevant and crucial for building business strategies. These insights help businesses to build a roadmap of their future acquisition and employees relationship programs.

1) Industry HR Optimization Survey

In order to effectively optimize clients’ HR investment, GlobalHunt provides inclusive insights on skills scenario, best available talent, level and rate of hiring, remuneration structure, attrition rate, industry competency mapping, and culture & gender diversity study thereby giving an overall understanding on business industry positioning and best practices.

2) Reputational Assessment

For strategic management of companies brand image and reputation GlobalHunt support them in strengthening their external and internal relations by providing insights based on performance review, competitors analysis, employee satisfaction rate, company’s positioning and head count report etc.

3) Workforce Intelligence Analysis

More than ever the requisite is of having a human capital that is agile, resilient and skilled therefore GlobalHunt assist companies in establishing its workforce intelligence by conducting jobs evaluation, existing employee skills & calibre mapping, establishing management-employee relation program, rewards system, HR policies and practices restructuring.

4) Industry & Market Movement

Every day companies are making crucial business decisions to achieve next step of success from where they are today People are the only resource than can guarantee success. The evolution of world into single space has demanded companies to explore talent. GlobalHunt offers extensive insights across geographies, diversity, industries and skills for businesses to build effective workforce.