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At GlobalHunt we make recommendations to our clients which assist them in making strategic decisions with respect to their manpower requirements. We help them in growing their brand and profits by providing the right kind of manpower. We operate in US, Europe, Far East & Middle East markets with headquarters in India. In India we are expanded over 9 locations like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Pune & Bhubaneswar.

Specialist NCS Team - With Leading Retail Industry Client

Location: Kolkata, Hyderabad

Experience: 5-8 Years

Skills: Store Operations, Sales, Profitability
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Associate Director - Transaction Banking - With Leading Banking Industry Client

Location: Bangalore

Experience: 12-14 Years

Skills: Project Management, Financial Control, PMP
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Python Automation Testing Engineers - With Leading Telecom Industry Client

Location: Bangalore

Experience: 5-15 Years

Skills: Python Automation Testing Engineers, Automation Testing, OpenStack, Python, GIT, Linux, ROBOT Functional Test Automation Framework, Python programming, Using IPCs, multi-threading concepts, Valgrind, GDB
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Manager - Procurement Consulting - With Leading Management Consulting Industry Client

Location: Guwahati

Experience: 8-12 Years

Skills: Donor Agencies, ADB,JICA, World Bank, Procurement
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DY Manager / Manager - Product Development - With Leading Insurance Industry Client

Location: Mumbai

Experience: 4-12 Years

Skills: Process development, implementation, review and continual improvement of Product development department
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Civil Engineer - With Leading Oil & Gas Industry Client

Location: Gurgaon, Vadodara

Experience: 3-6 Years

Skills: Civil Structure, 3D Structural
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Mgr/Sr.Mgr-HRBP - With Leading IT Industry Client

Location: Bangalore

Experience: 10-14 Years

Skills: HRBP, Generalist
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LoanIQ Lead Engineer, Wholesale Credit Technology - With Leading Banking Industry Client

Location: Chicago

Experience: 5-9 Years

Skills: "Banking, housing finance, loans, business finance, business banking, finance sales, Commercial Vehicle Loans, Consumer Finance, Mortgage Loans loan against property loans, Microfinance, credit products, rural banking"
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