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Board Search

"The board of leaders, to bring business innovation, has to be charismatic, strategic, glocal, adaptive and perspective. Having a right combination of board that aligns with the company’s business in respect to products & services innovation, customers’ integration, geographical expansion, the evolution of business practices and stakeholders’ diversity inclusion ensures the establishment of successful work process."

GlobalHunt as a leading firm, has more than a decade long experience in providing Board Search services to Fortune companies, large multinationals and big conglomerates. As a partner to find best people talent we extensively involve ourselves in research and building insights about crucial business requisites. So that the board members we build aligns with these needs.

1) Board Search

Finding a board member that represents active leadership, personal accountability and transparent work ethics requires not just scrutinizing of resumes online but involving technology to locate active & passive candidates, asses their professional & social skills and create a relationship that can ensure the selection of right member and effective integration within the organization.

2) Board Assessment

GlobalHunt through its in house grown tools, technologies and assessments gives a preliminary understanding about the candidate’s profile, background, experience, behaviour and personality. Thereby giving companies opportunity to fully assess the candidate before bringing them onboard.

3) Board Onboarding

To bring an experienced profile within the organization, the entire process from selecting the candidates to bringing them on board is very crucial to avoid any decline. Therefore, GlobalHunt as a partner ensures that the candidate is fully addressed, settled and trusted with the next move as the best selection for career growth.

4) Board Development

During the hiring process ensure that the candidate is fully equipped with the relevant information pertaining to business operations, market positioning, brand value and stakeholders relationships because when they join they should be fully integrated with business value and innovation they can add.